Storied Spirits from seed to sip. Read about what Eau Claire is up to here.

Be a Farmer for a Day!

Join Us Saturday, September 17th & Saturday, October 1st! [video width="450" height="338" mp4=""][/video]   Come stook grain bundles with Eau Claire Distillery’s majestic Percheron horses harvesting barley at Bar U Ranch National Historic Site. ... (more)

Threshing the Good Grain

Sunshine and generous spirits together at the Parks Canada Bar U Historic Ranch made for a remarkable annual celebration of harvest time. Volunteers, neighbours and friends helped with threshing organic grain all day using antique farm gear and cherished pitchforks. Young and old, farmers and farmers-for-a-day gathered to learn about true craft spi... (more)

The visitor experience – what to expect at the distillery

We have been welcoming tourists and locals alike to our newly built visitor centre for a while now, proving popular with Sunday drivers, tour groups and even a few celebrities! But what can one expect when you visit our distillery for a tour and tasting? The good folks at Calgary is Awesome recently paid us a visit and Kirran Bakhshi wrote abou... (more)

Local talent featured in Salt, Fresh & Field Outpost video

Check out Eau Claire Distillery’s own David Farran and good friends from Alberta Carriage Supply – KT Bailey and Dale Befus – as they are featured in this edition of Salt, Fresh & Field Outpost on YouTube. There are some choice quotes in there and provide a keen insight into why we do what we do. Salt, Fresh & Field Outpo... (more)

Testimonials a Testament to Our Inaugural Year

After the release of Three Point Vodka last summer, there was definitely a buzz in the air and we want to thank those retailers who were among the first to proudly show off Alberta’s first small batch craft spirit on their shelves. Leading into fall, we launched Parlour Gin winning critical acclaim, including a 91 point rating from The Globe and ... (more)

Parlour Gin wins acclaim from the American Distilling Institute

Eau Claire Distillery: Alberta’s first craft distillery has been honoured at the 2015 Craft American Spirits Competition, receiving a Bronze Medal from the American Distilling Institute (ADI) for its Parlour Gin in the ‘Classic Distilled Gin’ category. The Turner Valley based distillery was the only Western Canadian brand recognized amo... (more)

Welcoming a Lovers’ Quarrel

Sparks flying on Valentine’s Day. This is the inspiration to create a cocktail to celebrate our first Valentine’s Day as Alberta’s first craft distillery. We looked North to the Head bartender Tyler Gushaty and the bar team at North 53. This bijoux Edmonton restaurant is known for its exceptional bar program. They were last month awarded ... (more)

Living our ‘farm to glass’ mantra

In one generation, farming has moved from the horse to the tractor, an improvement in efficiency that has transformed world food production a thousand fold. But that transformation, and its wholesale adoption of modern methods, has left traditional horse farming in the proverbial dust. A means of farming that existed for hundreds of years, along w... (more)

Shaw TV enjoys a visit to the distillery

Our friends from Shaw TV stopped by for a tour of our distillery, a bit of tasting, and a quick trip out to the Bar U Ranch to check on the crop. Thanks for the visit. go! Calgary: “Nestled in the hamlet of Turner Valley is where you will find Alberta’s first independent craft distillery… where every aspect of production is from farm t... (more)

True Craft, Strong and Free

Craft Circles In any new and burgeoning industry, questions of definition arise. What exactly constitutes Craft Distilling and how does it differentiate itself from the spirits already established in the market? For us, craft is the embodiment of farm to glass. We believe that a handcrafted product should be lovingly executed in an artisanal... (more)

An idea was born

A Brainstorm As luck would have it, there are more crazy people in the world than just me. Opening Alberta’s first Craft Distillery, while regulations languished in prohibition era legislation, was an undertaking which required a collection of mad entrepreneurs – not just one! For a fleeting moment, the idea of an Alberta Craft Distillery m... (more)

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