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A Special Seasonal Offering – Enjoy!

What could be more social than Gin Rummy? A complete taste remake of gin, rum and barrel aged spirits, all rolled up with festive winter seasoning to herald the arrival of winter. Sip this with ice by the fire, add it to your favourite hot drink or just mix it with tonic while you play a round of gin rummy with your friends.

This Alberta take on classic drinks mixes the satisfying taste of gin and rum, with winter spices for a one of a kind taste sensation. Artisanal, hand crafted and made only by Eau Claire, this unique and satisfying elixir sets a new standard for winter spirits.

Unique, barrel-finished and with a festive taste of gin, rum and your favourite spiced fruitcake – excellent hot or cold; smooth, delicious and perfect for any occasion.

Gin Rummy – Limited Edition

How it's made

Created from a special recipe of unknown origin.
Gin Rummy should be experienced with friends.


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