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Be a Farmer for a Day!

Be a Farmer for a Day1

Join Us Saturday, September 17th & Saturday, October 1st!


Come stook grain bundles with Eau Claire Distillery’s majestic Percheron horses harvesting barley at Bar U Ranch National Historic Site.

Eau Claire Distillery is inviting the public to be a part of our farm to glass movement and spend the day with farmers in the field to help harvest the grain that will be used to create our delicious, award-winning craft spirits!

The event will take place over the course of two days.

• September 17, 2016 – Harvest (Binding and Stooking bundles of grain) – 10 am to 3 pm.
The Harvest invites participants to gather sheaves of barley grain cut by horse-drawn vintage farm gear in preparation for threshing. The process is called stooking and it protects and dries unthreshed grain from inclement weather elements – often ominous in Alberta.


• October 1, 2016 – Threshing (collecting and processing the grain) – 10 am to 3 pm.
Threshing invites participants to work alongside the horses as we bring in the dried bundles of grain from the harvest and watch the straw separate from the grain.


To be a part of the ultimate Alberta volun-tourism experience, please RSVP to before Thursday, September 15, 2016.

Important Note: As with all farming, this day is subject to weather conditions. If in doubt, call Eau Claire Distillery to confirm it is still on. Long sleeves, trousers and gloves recommended.


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