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Howdy folks, have you heard the news?

Earlier this month we released a special, year-round whisky in partnership with the world famous Calgary Stampede. Stampede Canadian Rye Whisky joins our award-winning line-up of spirits, sitting alongside Rupert’s Whisky.  We are thrilled to have to amazing whiskies available all year long, now let‘s dive in… what is the difference between the two? As whisky enthusiasts, we love answering this!!

One thing that both of these fantastic Canadian Whiskies have in common: they are both aged at least three years plus one day to follow the one and only law for producing Canadian Whisky.



Barley in a bag

We use Alberta barley in all of our handcrafted spirits here at Eau Claire, so naturally that is the base for both Rupert’s Whisky and Stampede Whisky. Barley imparts a soft sweetness on the whisky, particularly our world-renowned Alberta barley. You particularly notice this flavour in Rupert’s Whisky: a soft, mellow flavour with notes of chocolate and nutmeg.

While Stampede Whisky also contains barley, it also contains rye, much like its name suggests! Rye is a grain in the wheat family and closely relates to barley. “Rye whisky” can often be referred to as American whisky, which must be distilled from at least 51% rye and aged for more than two years. There are no rules stating where Rye whisky can be made due to it being a style versus a protected term. Rye grain imparts a spicy, almost fruity flavour to the whisky, making it a perfect complement to cocktails like a Manhattan or the Canadian classic: rye and ginger! The sweetness of the barley partners with this spiciness for an easy-drinking, flavourful whisky with notes of chocolate, caramelized sugar, vanilla, oak and lingering spice.

Fun Fact: Many people think that Canadian whisky is synonymous with Rye Whisky, however, whiskies made in Canada may not contain any rye, hence Rupert’s Whisky being a Canadian Whisky and Stampede Whisky being deemed a Canadian Rye.


Rupert’s Exceptional Canadian Whisky is proudly the Official Whisky of the Calgary Flames and Calgary Stampeders. These incredible sports teams represent the best of Southern Alberta, much like our fine spirits and Distillery.

Fans of Rupert’s Whisky can grab a cocktail with this versatile spirit throughout the Saddledome and McMahon Stadium during any home game.

Stampede Canadian Rye Whisky is the Official Whisky of the Calgary Stampede, and was developed in partnership with the Calgary Stampede. This partnership is reflective of both companies shared Western values and is the latest addition to the Eau Claire Distillery whisky line up.

Stampede Whisky will be available on park during the Calgary Stampede at select bars! Ask for a “Stampede and coke” or “Stampede and ginger”!


Both whiskies are available for purchase year-round at our Tasting Room in Turner Valley, the Calgary Farmers’ Market, our online shop and liquor retailers across Alberta.

Want to try it first? Stop by our Speakeasy in Turner Valley for a taste, or visit one of our fine on-premise locations throughout Alberta. Your favourite watering hole doesn’t offer Eau Claire products? Ask them to bring it in!