This cocktail you can pour the ingredients in a glass full of ice and stir. We prefer Crabbies ginger beer for how well it pairs with the Gin Rummy. However a few great substitutions for the Crabbies ginger beer would be Grizzly Paws ginger beer or in a pinch ginger ale works too. If you choose the ginger ale I we suggest adding a little more lime juice. 

Gin Rummy Mule

This is a classic very easy cocktail anyone can create at home with minimal work and a minimal list of products.

Short glass over ice
1 oz Gin Rummy
½ Cointreau
Mix to taste Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer
Garnish with lime

Photo: Dan Clapson,

Gin Rummy & Tea

Glass Mug / Mug
Served Hot
1 ½ oz. Gin Rummy
2 oz. Assam Tea ( Black)
½ oz. Cointreau
Lemon peel the Rim

Brew the Assam Tea
Add Gin Rummy and Cointreau to Mug
Add Tea to Mug
Lemon peel the Rim


Gin Rummy & Egg Nog

1 ½ oz. Gin Rummy
½ oz. Amaro
Egg Nog
Shaved chocolate / Cinnamon stir stick

Pour Gin Rummy and Amaro
into a rocks glass over ice
Add egg nog to taste
Stir with shaved chocolate or
cinnamon stick

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