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Handcrafted in Turner Valley, Alberta, Canada

As a local Alberta business, Eau Claire Distillery is committed to partnering with great causes to support charities, fundraisers, and community-based organizations and events. While we are committed to partner with many causes. We receive a large number of requests each month and do our best to distribute our support. Funds are limited in relation to the number of worthwhile proposals received. Eau Claire directs its community support towards activities that are consistent with our priorities and that are likely to have a broad impact in the community.

While we would like to show our support to all causes, we hold ourselves to be accountable to remain respectful and mindful. With that in mind, we are unable to donate towards the following causes:
Motorsports: Driving and spirits are never meant to be partnered.
Children’s Groups: As a Distillery, we will not align ourselves with children’s organizations or those where our efforts can be misconstrued as alcohol promotion to minors.
Teams or Individual Athletes: We receive a very high-volume of these requests and, as such, it’s very difficult to choose a few.

We pay mind to a few additional details when selecting events and sponsorship opportunities that will be the best for Eau Claire Distillery:
Timing: We require a minimum of 6-weeks lead time to partner on all events/ sponsorships. This allows us ample time to plan and organize, ensuring the best possible partnership for both you and us.
Brand opportunity: It is important that we have the opportunity to showcase our brand, when possible.
Involvement: We prefer to be involved in a hands-on capacity when possible. This allows us to meet and introduce people to Eau Claire Distillery.

Thank you for considering us as a sponsor for your event. Please fill out the form below to get started.

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