Popular Demand Sees Former Seasonal Offering Rebranded to Become a Permanent Offering.


Refreshing Patio Drink is no longer just for Spring.

Turner Valley, AB, 9 June 2016: In response to popular demand, Eau Claire Distillery has launched its former seasonal offering Spring Equinox as a permanent offering, under the new name of Prickly Pear EquineOx. The citrus-like clear spirit proved a sell-out success this year and last year, and won an international SIP Award, encouraging Alberta’s original craft distillery to add it to its main line-up. Now rebranded and with no change in recipe, the aromatic and flavourful spirit will this week arrive to stay on store shelves throughout the province, to the delight of consumers and cocktail lovers.

Prickly Pear EquineOx is a sweet, barley based, alternative to gin or vodka that can be served on ice, with soda water and mint, or as a complement to a cocktail like a mojito. Creatively distilled from prickly pear cactus like those that grow in Southern Alberta, it was designed to be a refreshing patio drink, and is a must-have for any liquor cabinet during barbecue season. Ideas are limited only by the mixologist’s imagination.

“After Spring Equinox being in the market for two seasons and winning such an exceptionally loyal following and a Platinum Medal SIP Award, we realized this is a drink that is not just for Spring, but worthy of being available all-year,” says Founder and President of Eau Claire Distillery, David Farran. “Of course, with a name like Spring Equinox, doing so meant a name change, which is always a risk.”

Farran explains Equinox was always a play on the words equine and ox, and a nod to the history of horses and oxen working the prairies together that also feature on the bottle label. “We just spell it out in the name more now, and Prickly Pear communicates the flavour and links to the farm to glass heritage of everything we do. We are confident Prickly Pear EquineOx will build on its existing popularity to become a terrific seller throughout the year. Ask for it at your local liquor retailer.”

In keeping with Eau Claire Distillery’s strap line “wherever social animals roam”, the Prickly Pear EquineOx bottle depicts a horse and ox resting after spring planting. No longer a print label, the new on-bottle image is in line with the distillery’s other permanent offerings, the multi-award winning Parlour Gin and Three Point Vodka. Alberta’s first single malt whisky will join the family of products in 2017.

Prickly Pear EquineOx is sold in a 750ml bottle at a recommended retail price of $48.

For further information and images, please visit eauclairedistillery.ca.


Notes to Editor
Prickly pear cactus is a prostrate, bright green plant, growing in large clumps with large and much flattened internodes.  The flowers are typically yellow to pinkish orange.  The cactus is very common on arid areas and light soils throughout Alberta’s southern prairie.

About Eau Claire Distillery
Devoted to hand-crafted, artisanal and fine sipping spirits, Eau Claire Distillery is Alberta’s original craft distillery located in Turner Valley on the touristic Cowboy Trail, not far from Calgary. Made using ingredients harvested from farms in Southern Alberta, Eau Claire Distillery’s Parlour Gin and Three Point Vodka have set the bar to be included among Canada’s most premium spirits. Housed in a 1929 converted movie theatre building, the distillery’s visitor centre and tasting room is open for public tours as well as available for private events. Find out more at eauclairedistillery.ca @eauclairecraft

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