Eau Claire Distillery Releases the Ploughman’s Rye Whisky

Horse-farmed Rye creates a one-of-a-kind signature Rye Whisky

Turner Valley, Alberta (June 27, 2019) Eau Claire Distillery (Eau Claire) is excited to announce its limited-edition Rye, the Ploughman’s Rye Whisky on June 27, 2019.

The first of its kind from Eau Claire, the Ploughman’s Rye Whisky is a nod to Alberta farm pioneers that has shaped the province’s agriculture. The creation of this rye whisky with traditional horse-farming practices, makes this the first

horse-farmed rye since the turn of the century. The Ploughman’s Rye Whisky is an approachable, smooth sipping rye that can be enjoyed on its own or in your favourite brown spirit cocktail.

“This unique rye is the only one in the world that uses horse-farmed rye. It was grown in a field at the Bar U Ranch National Historic Site near Longview, Alberta,” says David Farran, President of Eau Claire. “You don’t get more Alberta than that.”

The Eau Claire blend marries the quintessential sweet, spicy notes of rye whisky with the robust, deep flavour of Eau Claire’s signature whisky

“The Ploughman’s Rye Whisky was first aged in New American Oak barrels and finished in casks from our Single Malt Whisky Batch 002,” Master Distiller, Caitlin Quinn, states.

Rye is a truly Canadian spirit, making it the perfect product to add to Eau Claire’s line-up of farm-to-glass spirits. With the Ploughman’s Rye Whisky, Eau Claire yet again brings a bold and flavourful spirit made from the harvest of Alberta lands straight to your glass.

The Ploughman’s Rye Whisky will be available on June 27th directly from the Eau Claire Distillery in Turner Valley, the Eau Claire Distillery booth at the Calgary Farmer’s Market and at select retailers throughout Alberta. List of retailers below.

Kingsview Sobeys LiquorBlack Diamond:
Eco LiquorBragg Creek:
Spirits West

4th Street Liquor & Wine
Aspen Wine & Spirits
Bricks Wine Company
Calgary Farmers Market
Cellar Wine Store
Co-op Liquor Tasting Centres: Crowfoot, West Springs, Shawnessey, Oakridge, North Hill, Midtown Market, Beddington, Kingsland, MacLeod, and World of Whisky
Craft Cellars
Crowfoot Wine & Spirits – Crowfoot Signature, Altadore
Highlander Wine and Spirits
Kensington Wine Market
Liquor Depot locations: Brentwood, Mount Royal, Signal Hill, Mackenzie, North Hill, and Hunterhorn
Rocky Mountain Wine, Spirits & Beer
Safeway Liquor locations: Crowfoot, Garrison Woods, South Trail, Shawnessey
Sobeys Liquor location: Tuscany, Royal Oak, Cranston, Mahogany, Millrise, Nolan Hill
Sundance Wine Market
Vine Arts
Willow Park
Wine & Beyond Sage Hill

Sobey’s Liquor

Crowfoot Wine & Spirits – Sunset Ridge
Sobey’s Liquor
Vinestone Wine Co.

De Winton:
Crowfoot Wine & Spirits – Heritage Pointe

7 Degrees
Chateau Louis
Colour De Vino
Keg N Cork
Little Guy Liquor
Liquor on Macleod
Wine & Beyond locations: Sherwood Park, Southgate, Windermere

Sobey’s Liquor
Co-op Tasting Centre

High River:
Co-op Tasting Centre

St. Albert:
Wine & Beyond

Turner Valley:
Eau Claire Distillery
Valley Liquor

For a full list of retailers and product images, please contact Chelsea Barclay at barclayc@eauclairedistillery.ca.


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Devoted to hand-crafted, artisanal and fine sipping spirits, Eau Claire Distillery is Alberta’s original craft distillery located in Turner Valley, not far from Calgary. Born out of the founder’s quest to honour Alberta’s riches of the land and set the bar for Canada’s most premium spirits, every small batch from Eau Claire Distillery is personally tended for perfection, from farm to glass. Eau Claire Distillery’s award-winning spirits are internationally acclaimed for their quality and flavour. Find out more at eauclairedistillery.ca.

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