Eau Claire Releases Alberta’s First Craft Canned Cocktail

Recently awarded Canada’s Gin Distillery of the Year – 2018, Eau Claire Launches a Ready-to-Drink Gin and Tonic!

Turner Valley, Alberta – April 11, 2018 – Eau Claire Distillery, the Turner Valley based distillery, has launched its award-winning Parlour Gin in a convenient, ready-to-drink Gin & Tonic craft cocktail. The new 355ml Gin and Tonic cans work great for patios, camping and even the golf course.

Eau Claire Distillery’s Parlour Gin was introduced in September 2014 and has garnered its own fan-base. Consecutively winning prestigious awards throughout the years, including Platinum at the 2016 SIP Awards, Best in Class – Consumer Choice, Platinum at the 2017 SIP Awards and most recently Eau Claire was awarded Canada’s Gin Distillery of the Year and Gold for Parlour Gin at the 2018 Berlin International Spirits Competition making it one of Eau Claire’s most beloved products.

Handcrafted using Alberta barley, the London-dry style gin is distilled with a selection of special botanicals that give it its delicious unique flavour notes, including hints of rosehip, Saskatoon berry, coriander and lemon. To complement the gin’s unique combination of aromatic flavours, Eau Claire’s Master Distiller, Caitlin Quinn paired it with their very own bespoke original tonic water from Eau Claire Soda Company to create a refreshing ready-to-drink gin and tonic with 6% alcohol that is best served chilled.

“I drink a lot of Gin and Tonics, and after creating our first two tonic water flavours for Eau Claire Soda Company, I thought why can’t we combine our award-winning spirits and handcrafted tonic water to make a fun and portable G&T for people to enjoy anywhere,” said Eau Claire Distillery Master Distiller, Caitlin Quinn.

Coming off the heels of launching Alberta’s first craft cocktail, the EquineOx Mule in partnership with Annex Ale Project, Eau Claire has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring and summer and quietly working on the release of the Alberta’s first canned Gin and Tonic. Seeing a rise in the popularity of gin in the past few years and customers choosing more local premium craft spirits, Eau Claire is excited to share the convenient beverage with their loyal libation lovers.

Handcrafted with the same devotion to quality and taste as Eau Claire Distillery spirits, this refreshing ready-to-drink gin and tonic is a perfect balance between the bitterness of the quinine and a touch of natural sugar for sweetness. Fantastic for the golf course, festival grounds or camping trips, the G&T is sold in four packs of 355ml cans at a recommended retail price of $14.95.

For retailers, the Parlour Gin and Tonic is now available to order in Connect Logistics. It will be available for purchase starting Thursday, April 12th at the Eau Claire Distillery Calgary Farmers Market Booth and Friday, April 13th at the Eau Claire Tasting Room in Turner Valley. Look for it on Alberta liquor stores shelves this spring! For a list of retailers and product images, please contact Chelsea Barclay at barclayc@eauclairedistillery.ca.


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