Introducing ‘Fiddler’s Green’
from Eau Claire Distillery and Cannibale

Turner Valley, Alberta – March 16, 2016Eau Claire Distillery has teamed up with Cannibale bar in Calgary’s Bridgeland to introduce a special Saint Patrick’s Day themed cocktail in time for the big day tomorrow. Made using both Parlour Gin and Spring Equinox from the Turner Valley-based distillery, ‘Fiddler’s Green’ is guaranteed to put the green into your Saint Patrick’s Day.

Saint Patrick’s Day at Alberta’s first craft distillery calls for a cocktail to celebrate,” says Eau Claire Distillery President and Founder, David Farran. “So we turned to our friends behind the bar at Cannibale to create something special for Albertans this March 17.”

Cannibale bartender Dylan Macleod created Fiddler’s Green with Parlour Gin, Spring Equinox, Absinth, cucumber, mint and lime juice – a very green and easy to make drink to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day

“Like Albertans, the Irish are known for being friendly and welcoming, so I wanted to create a cocktail that was approachable,” says Macleod. “In keeping with the day, it had to be green. The cucumber perfectly complements the flavours of Parlour Gin, while the contrasting flavours of Spring Equinox and Absinth add a tantalizing complexity.”

Fiddler’s Green
1. In a shaker ¾ full of ice add:
1 oz of Parlour Gin
1 oz of Spring Equinox
1/8 Absinth
3/4 mint syrup
3/4 lime juice

2. Use Collins glass 3/4 full of ice
3. Add 5 slices of cucumber
4 Double strain and pour into Collins glass
5. Top up with soda
6. Garnish with spring of mint

Award winning Parlour Gin, is a medium gin that derives its flavourful characteristics from Eau Claire Distillery’s unique distillation technique. A recipe of natural botanicals is used to enhance the juniper berry-induced dryness and to give it a special exotic flowery essence, with Saskatoon berries, rosehips and traditional London Dry style spices.

Quintessentially Albertan, Spring Equinox celebrates all that is new about spring. It is a sweet, aromatic and flavourful spirit creatively distilled from prickly pear cactus like those that grow in Southern Alberta. Barley based, the citrus-like clear spirit can be served as an alternative to gin or vodka, creations only limited by the mixologist’s imagination.

Parlour Gin and Spring Equinox, along with their sister offering Three Point Vodka, can be found in select stores across Alberta.

For further information, visit eauclairedistillery.ca.

About Eau Claire Distillery
Devoted to hand-crafted, artisanal and fine sipping spirits, Eau Claire Distillery is Alberta’s original craft distillery located in Turner Valley on the touristic Cowboy Trail, not far from Calgary. Made using Rocky Mountain water and ingredients harvested from farms in Southern Alberta, Eau Claire Distillery’s Parlour Gin and Three Point Vodka have set the bar to be included among Canada’s most premium spirits. Housed in a 1923 converted movie theatre building, the distillery’s visitor centre and tasting room is open for public tours as well as available for private events. Find out more at eauclairedistillery.ca @eauclairecraft

About Cannibale
Located at 813 Street NE in Calgary’s Bridgeland neighbourhood, Cannibale is a classic full-service barbershop as well as a stylish yet approachable gathering place serving cocktails, fine spirits, craft beer, wine and food. Find out more at cannibale.ca @cannibale_yyc

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