Yours Truly


For Yours Truly…in Canada.

  • Yours Truly Single Malt Whisky crafted and curated by the women of Eau Claire Distillery in honor of International Women’s Day
  • Age range of 8-9yrs, Eau Claire Distilleries oldest whisky to date
  • Taste: Toffee, clove, vanilla orchid, buttery popcorn

750ml 45% alc/vol

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Yours Truly Batch 002

Yours Truly Batch #002 is our second celebration of International Women’s Day here at Eau Claire Distillery. With a team comprised of over 50% females, Eau Claire prides itself in being at the forefront of inclusion and equality in the distilling industry.


This year the aim was to include as many of our amazing, powerful female team members in the process, guided in blending by Thecla, Alicyn and Caitlin, resulting in a great team building experience and better overall knowledge of our production and blending process.


The liquid we created this year has spirit in the age range of 8-9 years, although not the plan this has become our oldest whisky release to date. The concept for this product has always been flavour focused, with no age statement in mind when blending, which is apparent when tasting this outstanding whisky, a unique and complex experience to be enjoyed with and in honour of women in distilling.


Toffee, Clove, Vanilla Orchid, Buttery Popcorn


Over-ripe Banana, Banana Bread, Butterscotch, Tablet


Balanced, Viscous/Oily, Saline Aftertaste