Chef At Home Kit



Product Description

The Chef at Home kit includes Eau Claire Distillery’s award-winning London-dry style Parlour Gin.

Parlour Gin features over 15 different botanicals, including Albertan Saskatoon berries and rose hips. Enjoy the slight sweetness of this barley-based gin. A medium gin, it is dry with a smooth, harmonious texture and little harshness. Infused with a selection of special botanicals that give it its delicious, unique flavour notes, it is perfect for a relaxing libation – summer or winter.

The Chef at Home kit also includes the highly anticipated sequel to the bestselling cookbook, Calgary Cooks. Calgary Eats is a beautiful cookbook that celebrates Calgary’s diverse and sophisticated food culture with over eighty recipes from the top chefs in the city.

Featuring eighty recipes by forty of the city’s leading chefs, mixologists, bakers, brewers and bartenders, this dynamic collection will encourage more people to get into the kitchen and make new discoveries about their food community – and best of all, have fun doing it.


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