Flourish At Home Kit



Product Description

This kit includes everything you need to make our favourite Flourish Gin cocktails, including the Garden Bramble!

Flourish Gin is a well-balanced contemporary style gin. This light, sweet gin beams with floral, fruity aromas and celebrates new beginnings. Made for mixing, Flourish Gin encourages experimentation and is a companion to Eau Claire’s expanding craft spirits line, offering a fresh take on a classic botanical gin.

The Flourish at Home kit also includes a four pack of Eau Claire’s Original Tonic Water. Handcrafted and artisanal, this Alberta made product is made in small batches using Alberta beet sugar. Eau Claire Tonic Water is designed to pair with fine spirits or to enjoy on their own.

This special kit also includes Preserved YYC Saskatoon Gin Jam. The one and only Saskatoon Berry Gin Jam. Featuring Alberta grown Saskatoon berries and Eau Claire Distillery’s Parlour Gin. The alcohol is cooked out, leaving behind all the botanical notes in the gin that make the Saskatoon berries pop with flavour.

Lastly, this kit also includes two Copa de Balon glasses. The unique shape of the glasses makes your drink taste that much better because the wide bowl shape helps to collect the botanical scents of your gin. The glass is wide enough to fit plenty of ice and various garnishes inside the glass, which enhance the aromas of the gin and keep your drink cooler longer!


Berlin Spirits Competition Canada Gin Distillery of the Year 2018
New York Spirits Competition Distillery of the Year 2018


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