Very Cherry Cocktail Kit



Product Description

This kit is perfect for any gin lover and includes Eau Claire’s award-winning, London-dry style Cherry Gin. Cherry Gin is infused with sour cherries and over 12 unique botanicals. The fresh cherries give Cherry Gin a deep red hue and a hint of natural sweetness, with a tart, pleasant, long silky finish and a unique mouth feel.

It may seem like a strange combination, but Cherry Gin pair perfectly with Eau Claire’s Elderflower Tonic Water. The combination is a simple yet delicious cocktail to add to your cocktail repertoire.

The Copa de Balon glasses are perfect for bringing out the botanical flavours of Cherry Gin. The unique shape of the glasses makes your drink taste that much better because the wide bowl shape helps to collect the botanical scents of your gin. The glass is wide enough to fit plenty of ice and various garnishes inside the glass, which enhance the aromas of the gin and keep your drink cooler longer!


Berlin Spirits Competition Canada Gin Distillery of the Year 2018
SIP Awards Consumer Choice Award 2018


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