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2 oz
Rupert's Whisky
0.5 oz
Maple Syrup
2 dashes
Orange bitters (or smoked orange bitters if you can find them!)
Fresh Orange Rind
Brûléed or Charred Orange Wheel for garnish
Smoke and Wood Chips Optional

Pro Tip: A smoke infuser is a fantastic tool for adding smoke, but not heat, to foods that we have a hard time smoking on a grill. It uses fine wood chips and a fan to blow cool smoke across items like ice cream or cocktails.

By placing food items in a bowl (orange peel), you can infuse the smoke by simply covering the bowl with plastic wrap and trapping the smoke inside.


Add large ice cube to a rocks glass. Add maple syrup, Rupert’s Whisky and bitters to the glass. Stir briefly. Take a piece of orange peel and bend it between two fingers over the cocktail glass, with the outside peel facing the cocktail glass. As you bend the orange peel, bring a lit lighter to the bent exterior of the orange peel and briefly ignite the orange peel. Note that you are igniting the little juice from the peel that comes out, and not the piece of peel itself. The peel should not light on fire. Rub the peel around the rim of the glass. Brûléed Orange Wheel for garnish To add smoke: Cover the glass with plastic wrap. Insert the hose from the smoke infuser under the plastic and fill the glass with smoke. Let sit one minute. Repeat for extra smokiness. Serve immediately.


Brûléed Orange Wheel
To Brulee Orange Slices, simply cut Oranges into thin wheels, place on aluminum foil on baking sheet, coat them in granulated sugar and put them on Broil for approximately 10 minutes. Make sure you are paying attention to the oven (because the timing may be off depending on your oven and conditions). They will quickly burn if you’re not paying close attention. As soon as they start to brown, let bubble for 30 seconds before turning off the oven. Leave in oven to cool for 2 minutes.