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Cask 10 Whisky
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Eau Claire Distillery
Single Cask Whisky Series 

Cask 10 Whisky, was the first single cask whisky to be released by Eau Claire Distillery. It was an extremely limited release that was sold exclusively to the Eau Claire Distillery Cask Club. This whisky was made for sipping and a shining example of what is to come from the Eau Claire Distillery whisky program.

Cask 10 Whisky was distilled using spirits produced and barreled from our first year of production in 2014. It was then re-barreled and matured for another three years in a new European oak cask, for a total maturation of six years, making this the oldest release from the distillery to date. Each bottle is individually hand numbered and wax sealed.  At 48% ABV, Cask 10 whisky is also the highest strength whisky to come from Eau Claire Distillery.

Caitlin Quinn, Master Distiller at Eau Claire Distillery, describes the flavour and mouthfeel of Cask 10 whisky as luxurious. Unlike anything Eau Claire Distillery has released before. On the nose, Cask 10 whisky is brimming with complexity. The sweet vanilla stands out over a sea of malty goodness, beeswax, honey, icing sugar and a subtle pith of an orange, complemented by a slight dry spiciness. Upon taking the first sip, a fullness of flavour covers your mouth with dried red fruit which progresses into a rich, warming, mouthfeel of maple syrup and clove that pleasantly lingers.

Only a few hundred bottles of Eau Claire Distillery Cask 10 whisky were produced. Cask 10 Whisky was limited to one bottle per customer and sold out in mere minutes. For more information visit the Eau Claire Distillery online shop here.

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