Storied spirits, from Farm to Glass

The setting is rugged and rural, surrounded by generations-old family farms where owners produce some of the finest grain in the world.

The characters backing Eau Claire match drinks business history with long standing relationships with pioneers and settlers. Together, love of the land manifests in hand-harvest reaping and hand-sealed bottling.

The plot hinges on only the very best ingredients presenting in small batches with the unique attributes of the terroir and the singular touch of a masterful distiller. Farm-fresh ingredients and historic hand-crafted methods define Eau Claire’s rightfully artisanal spirits that redefine taste, one ‘farm-to-glass’ experience at a time.

That’s where you come in.

Eau Claire Distillery – In the Community

At Eau Claire Distillery we value our community and in turn want to support the communities we are part of. 

Eau Claire directs its community support towards activities that have a broad impact in the community and that support a wide variety of individuals. As a small business, we take pride in the value of our contributions and encourage our employees to participate in community initiatives and opportunities to give back.

Eau Claire Distillery Community Initiatives 

Eau Claire Distillery is grateful to have the opportunity to distribute community support to a wide range of organizations through sponsorship’s, donations and event participation.

Political Contributions Policy

Eau Claire Distillery does not use corporate funds to contribute to political activities, parties, or candidates. While employees are permitted to participate in political activities and financial support freely, this is done so as a personal choice and not as representatives of Eau Claire Distillery. Any political contribution made or activities performed by Eau Claire Distillery employees are done so on an individual basis and, as such, do not represent the company.

Eau Claire Distillery supports communities we live and work in. We accept accountability for the social and economic effects of our business decisions and take pride in the value of our community involvement and initiatives.

As a small-business in Alberta, we have the privilege of great support from a wide range of spirits-lovers and we are continually grateful for this. We appreciate and consider all feedback and encourage spirited conversations from all Eau Claire enthusiasts. Should you wish to reach out directly please email us at

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