Our History is in the making

Situated about 35 minutes southwest of downtown Calgary in a historic hamlet, called Turner Valley, discover Eau Claire Distillery. The new distillery is housed in the circa-1929 Turner Valley Movie Theatre and Dance Hall that in early days served as town hall, political rally centre, dance hall and community gathering spot.

Located In a place of storied history our distillery can talk to Turner Valley’s checkered and illustrious past. To the east was a famous house of ‘ill repute’; to the west a general store. In the hills, an aptly named landmark feature called Whiskey Ridge hid moonshine stills. On the north end of town was the notorious street called Whiskey Row.

Loving where we live

Today, Turner Valley is an idyllic town nestled in the most stunning foothills scenery in Alberta. Surrounded by huge ranches and farms, it has the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop and the beautiful Sheep River winding its way past the town from the mountains.

We chose Turner Valley as our home to be close to our ingredients, harvested from Alberta homestead farms. Our foothills location means drawing water from the Canadian Rockies to influence flavours. And we love the storied history of Turner Valley from prohibition times – coincident with Alberta’s first oil boom – to today where you will find golf courses, horse tracks, charming diners, artist retreats and more nearby.

Its location on the “cowboy trail”- a highway route full of Albertan historical and visitor attractions – led us to an ideal and idyllic place for a distillery.

Enjoy our unique tour, where you will learn how our award winning spirits, including gin, vodka and whisky are made in our farm-to-glass, traditional methods.

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