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Tales of the Cocktail 2017

Tales of the Cocktail 2017 – The Ultimate Mixer!

2017 was Eau Claire Distillery’s first year at Tales of the Cocktail. Follow along as David Farran, President of Eau Claire Distillery, tells us about the adventure that is #TOTC.

If there is a sacred pilgrimage for mixologists and bartenders, Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans is it. Thousands of cocktail enthusiast’s descent on New Orleans in one of the most unusual trade events around. The events range from seminars on the latest in mixology, new product introductions and tips of the trade, to a constant schedule of brand tasting events and parties in and around the French Quarter. Some bars are rented out by the big brands for days at a time, with exclusive invitation only social events for their prized customers. It’s international, local and focussed on informing the bar community of what’s happening. Chaotic, frenzied, and frenetic drinking are paired with serious, professional and informative events. Really, what could be more fun?!


This was our first trip to ‘TOTC’. We introduced Eau Claire products to distributors and bars from all across America. Our participation at the ‘Meet the Maker’ event was very well received – our heads were swelling with accolades on how amazing our products were. It was a great endorsement from the best of the best in the industry and our story and products seemed to stand out in the sea of new products. Our many product awards caught lots of attention – we felt like heroes with chest loads of medals!

New Orleans is a spectacular place. Full of culture, amazing music and great food. We made sure we tasted it all – gumbo, jambalaya, catfish, grits, BBQ shrimp and lots of seafood. All accompanied by cocktails. The bars on Frenchmen’s Street were amazing – each tiny place had world class jazz musicians. If you aren’t a jazz fan – visit the French Quarter and you will be – guaranteed!

But the amazing thing about New Orleans, a trend leader in the industry, is that cocktails rule. It was rare to see people drinking anything other than cocktails. Our industry friends told us that spirits have now capped the sales of beer and wine at over 50% of the market. And the cocktails were amazing – the ingenuity and creativity of our bartending brethren is phenomenal. Lots of new things, particularly the incorporation of whisky’s into cocktails.

The take home message was that the cocktail revolution is coming!

It is an amazing combination of art form, creativity, science and, of course, taste. If you are in the industry, love cocktails like we do, then Tales of the Cocktail is a must do for your bucket list.


David Farran
President and Founder
Eau Claire Distillery

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