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Handcrafted in Turner Valley, Alberta, Canada

Yours Truly Single Malt Whisky, a sign-off from the women of Eau Claire Distillery

March 8 marks International Women’s Day – and coincidentally the birthday of our Master Distiller, Caitlin Quinn! In honour of this important event, our female distillers have come together to create a new multigenerational Single Malt Whisky, dubbed Yours Truly. This whisky is the first Alberta whisky created to honour this important date.

Each element of the multigenerational whisky was carefully curated and is a true reflection of the women behind the scenes at Eau Claire Distillery, with the bottle label featuring signatures from all the female staff at Eau Claire. A collaborative effort from Master Distiller Caitlin Quinn, Distiller Thecla Wiart and Apprentice Distiller Alicyn Campbell, Yours Truly was created “by women, for everyone”.



Aged in New European Oak, Ex-Bourbon and Ex-Wine barrels, this Canadian Single Malt Whisky showcases flavours of honey, burnt sugar and oak with a slightly sour twang. The nose features red fruit, brown sugar and dark chocolate, and the whisky finishes with a slight heat and long, lingering mouthfeel.

Alberta’s arid climate lends itself to a unique spirit aging process for Single Malt Whisky, with variation in temperature and humidity throughout the year the spirit concentrates and ages more rapidly than in more tepid climates such as Scotland. This leads to a larger “angel’s share” with a loss of around 10% per year compared to the 3% typical in Scottish Single Malt, however, in this process we have found the alcohol content of our aging whisky rises during the aging process meaning the loss of water over alcohol. This will in turn increase extraction of flavour compound from the wood and develop into a more complex spirit in less time. We believe that this makes our spirit different than any other produced around the world.

Eau Claire is proud to donate $10 of every sale from Yours Truly to WINS. For 30 years, WINS has been impacting the lives of thousands of vulnerable women and families. Together Eau Claire and WINS can continue to positively impact females and break the glass ceiling to create a better future for all.

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From Master Distiller, Caitlin Quinn

Yours Truly is an innovative take on a whisky launch from Eau Claire. Alicyn, Thecla and I have been working on what I have named a “generational blend” using casks from multiple years of production, picked purely based on flavour profile and the impact they would have on this blend. This is the first time all of our female distillers have combined our palettes to produce a whisky release here at Eau Claire, which has created a truly unique, one-of-a-kind whisky!

Three very unique palettes went into the creation of this product with passion and drive to create an outstanding product that not only compliments the current whisky line up at Eau Claire but stands proudly as a stand-alone blend. We hope everyone enjoys this whisky as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Thecla’s palette tends towards the rich, red fruit, jam flavours produced from Sherry casks – this has been showcased in this blend by the wine cask coupled with a new European cask that tasted very much like a sherry finished whisky.



Alicyn’s preference tends towards the ex-bourbon casks, with the sweet, brown sugar and apple/pear flavours found in these casks – this can be found in the IWD whisky with the brown sugar aroma and the lingering sweetness on the palette.





Caitlin’s preference is always the new European oak cask, the intense oak and vanilla produced by these casks can be found in many of our previous whisky batches for this reason! – in this blend you can find these flavours complimented by the other casks and creating the overall mouthfeel of this whisky.


Clocking in at 46% alc./vol. and priced at $79.99 +GST, Eau Claire Distillery Yours Truly Single Malt Whisky is available at the Eau Claire Distillery Tasting Room, its location in the Calgary Farmers Market and online through Eau Claire Distillery’s website, starting March 8, 2022.


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