Reliving History in the heart of an industry

The Province of Alberta was settled in the 1880’s as the primary Canadian ranching area. Alberta beef remains a statement of high quality throughout the world. In 1914, oil and gas were discovered in Turner Valley – the single largest find in the British commonwealth. It was an oil rush, just as Canadians headed off to Europe to fight the First World War. The ensuing economic boom brought in workers from all over North America, living in a tent city in the heart of ranch country south of Calgary. At the same time, Alberta brought in alcohol Prohibition in a strong temperance movement. Determined drinkers set up whisky stills on nearby ranches, and a booming trade of speakeasies, illegal whisky trade and illicit activities. The industry spawned Canadian liquor fortunes, and included such notables as Al Capone, Sam Bronfman and the Sundance Kid. Turner Valley, Eau Claire’s home, was a wild frontier town and was at the centre of the Alberta prohibition past.

The Prohibition Experience

Travel back in time to the days of Prohibition when the Moral Reform League declared war against the scourge of alcohol. The Eau Clair Distillery Prohibition Experience opens the doors to the sights, sounds and tease of the 1920s, where you will learn about Alberta’s place in Prohibition history.