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We love a good cocktail as much as the next person, that is why we created our family of canned cocktails. These craft cocktails in a can are the perfect way to take your favorite gin, vodka or whisky cocktail on the go, but what happens when you want to mix things up a bit?

Our team at Eau Claire Distillery are always trying new things and we wanted to see how we could use our delicious lineup of five canned cocktails to create something new. We gathered our beloved EquineOx Mule, Parlour Gin & Tonic, Spruce Berry Smash, Cherry Gin Collins and our latest addition, Rupert’s Whisky Sassafras and started mixing.

Blended Margarita Mule

Have you ever heard of the 3 m’s in reference to our tasty Prickly Pear EquineOx Vodka? Margarita, Mule, Mojito? If not, it’s probably because you’ve never had the pleasure of speaking with Chelsea, Marketing and Communication Specialist. The EquineOx vodka is so versatile and flavourful, you can switch it up and add this vodka to a mule, mojito or a margarita. To celebrate our delicious canned EquineOx Mule, Chelsea has coined this the “Chelsea Margarita Mule” cocktail recipe!


1 can EquineOx Mule
1oz Tequila
0.5 oz Triple Sec
0.5 cup of Ice
Lime for garnish

Fill your blender with ice, add the mule, tequila, Triple Sec and blend. Pour into glass and garnish with lime wedge. Enjoy!

Cherry Gin & Tonic

If you’re looking to mix up a classic Gin & Tonic that results in a beautiful blush pink cocktail, you’re in luck! If you’ve visited us at the Tasting Room in Turner Valley, chances are you’ve met Jaclyn, our Customer Service Supervisor. Grab a can of Gin & Tonic and a can of Cherry Gin Collins and mix the two. Jaclyn likes to add a little bit of edible glitter to this drink to make it extra fancy, just like her! ?


0.5 can Cherry Gin Collins
0.5  can Parlour Gin & Tonic
Maraschino cherries for garnish
Edible glitter (optional)

Fill your glass with ice, add Cherry Gin Collins, Parlour Gin & Tonic and top with cherries. Stir in edible glitter for more added fun!


Spruce Berry Parlour Twist

Our Spruce Berry Smash is a unique combination of vodka, juicy raspberries, fragrant spruce and a touch of honey, making it the perfect base for our Package Team Lead Tiff’s, favourite drink! She whipped up this cocktail in our Tasting Room after seeing first-hand how vibrant the color of the Spruce Berry Smash was.


1 can Spruce Berry Smash
1oz Parlour Gin
Fresh Raspberries for garnish

Fill glass with ice, add Parlour Gin and Spruce Berry Smash to your glass. Top with raspberries and enjoy!


It’s hard to say this cocktail name without it bringing a smile to your face. This is the exact reason why Marty, one of our sales reps came up with this fun mix, equally happy and delicious! A simple mix of two of our best-selling canned cocktails, the EquineOx Mule and Spruce Berry Smash. The Spruce Berry Smash honey and botanicals complement the ginger and spice from the EquineOx Mule.


0.5 can Spruce Berry Smash
0.5 can EquineOx Mule

Fill your glass with ice and pour the mule and smash together. Stir and enjoy!



Rupert’s Whisky Sassafras Float

This tasty little cocktail is perfect for when you are looking to relive some great memories of ice cream floats on a hot summer day. The Rupert’s Whisky Sassafras float creation was inspired by one of our awesome Instagram followers, Dolph Shaw in celebration of our newly released Rupert’s Whisky Sassafras. Our handcrafted sarsaparilla syrup was made specifically for the whisky sassafras and pairs wonderfully with your favorite local vanilla ice cream.


1 can Rupert’s Whisky Sassafras
1 scoop of your favorite local vanilla ice cream

Scoop a generous amount of vanilla ice cream into a tall glass and top with Rupert’s Whisky Sassafras. Cheers!

There you have it, five delicious cocktails made from our awesome family of canned cocktails. Let us know what cocktail creations you come up with and share it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #shareeauclaire!

You can find all of Eau Claire Distillery canned cocktails in 4-packs at your favourite local liquor retailer and of course, our online shop, the Tasting Room in Turner Valley and the Calgary Farmers Market.

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