Christmas Gin


For Christmas in Canada.

  • With every pour, your glass will sparkle with 24 karat gold flakes!
  • For gin lovers, Christmas Gin promises to be a delightful addition to the world of gin.
  • Try it in a citrus martini or topped with prosecco!

750ml40% alc/vol

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Christmas Magic, but once a year

Every year, we look forward to sharing our Christmas Gin, a special spirit that celebrates the holidays with 24k Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, the gifts of the three wise men!

Specially formulated for the holiday season, ancient spice resins give the gin a beautiful mouthfeel with a hint of a lemony, balsamic taste. Eau Claire Distillery presents you with a gift fit for a king, our exclusive Christmas Gin.

Awards & Mentions

  • Santa’s Favourite GinJudges Selection 2021


Classic botanicals like juniper and coriander combined with frankincense and myrrh with a long, floral finish


Frankincense resin creates a balsamic, lemony aroma


Earthy, complex and oh so luxurious