Stampede Whisky Kit

40.0% alc/vol 750 ml
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Stampede Whisky Kit: Unleash the Spirit of the West

Saddle up for a taste of the true West with our Stampede Whisky Kit. This thoughtfully assembled kit brings the rugged charm of Stampede Whisky straight to your home bar.

🥃 Stampede Whisky: The heart of the kit, our Stampede Whisky, captures the essence of the untamed West in every sip. Its rich, bold flavor is a tribute to the spirit of adventure.

🥃 Slate Coasters: Keep your bar top pristine with our slate coasters. Crafted for both beauty and function, they're the perfect resting place for your Stampede Whisky glass.

🥃 Custom Old Fashioned Glass: Sip in style with the custom Eau Claire Distillery old-fashioned glass. Designed to complement the character of Stampede Whisky, it's the vessel of choice for true aficionados.

Whether you're relishing a quiet moment or hosting a spirited gathering, the Stampede Whisky Kit sets the stage for unforgettable moments inspired by the untamed West. Lasso your kit today and embrace the spirit of Stampede Whisky.

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Stampede kit
  • Stampede kit
Stampede kit