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Canadian Whiskies: Rupert’s vs. Stampede

Howdy folks, have you heard the news? Earlier this month we released a special, year-round whisky in partnership with the world famous Calgary Stampede. Stampede Canadian Rye Whisky joins our award-winning line-up of spirits, sitting alongside Rupert’s Whisky.  We are thrilled to have to amazing whiskies available all year long, now let

Eau Claire Distillery Shipping Policy

Free Shipping on Qualifying Parcel Orders of $95 or More Learn More - Free parcel shipping applies only to online orders placed through eauclairedistillery.ca - To qualify for free shipping, your order must total $95 or more after any discounts or promo codes are applied, and before any taxes, fees, or shipping charges are added. - Free shipp

Knock, knock, Gin Rummy is back!

What do you get when you combine the flavours of gin, rum and barrel-aged spirits, plus spices like cinnamon and nutmeg? Gin Rummy of course! Gin Rummy is a spirit like no other – taking our favourite aspects of all of the above and blending them together for a smooth, seasonal spirit that will warm your soul on even the chilliest of days! Now

Day Trip to Turner Valley!

Hey, there all you weekend warriors! If you are looking to switch up your view and get away from the city for the day, put your foot on the peddle, hit the open road and make your way down Alberta’s iconic Cowboy Trial. Turner Valley is home to some great attractions considering its size, but don’t let that deter you. Yes, there is only one

Celebrate Summer with Rupert!

When many people think of Whisky, they don’t often think of it as a refreshing summer drink, but there are actually a number of whisky cocktails you can make that are perfect for a hot summer evening. Now, hear us out. The Eau Claire team understands how nice a dram of whisky can be as soon as the weather turns cold and wet, but that same

Eau Claire Distillery’s COVID-19 Updates

In light of the recent developments with COVID-19, we wanted to share our thoughts and what we're doing as a local company at this time. Visiting the Tasting Room? We continue to adjust to the changing regulations to ensure staff and visitor safety. The information on this page is correct at time of writing and is subject to change. Please ca

Canned Craft Cocktails, with a twist!

We love a good cocktail as much as the next person, that is why we created our family of canned cocktails. These craft cocktails in a can are the perfect way to take your favorite gin, vodka or whisky cocktail on the go, but what happens when you want to mix things up a bit? Our team at Eau Claire Distillery are always trying new things and we w

Four unique Caesars to mix up for National Caesar Day!

Did you know, May 20th is National Caesar Day which is a holiday we can get behind. Here at Eau Claire Distillery, we thought, why limit the celebration of Canada’s favorite cocktail to one day, when you can celebrate it for the whole month of May! That’s why we have officially deemed May, National Caesar Month! There are a ton of ways t

Rupert’s Whisky Sassafras, The Perfect Adventure Cocktail

Say hello to the newest member of the Eau Claire Distillery family, Rupert’s Whisky Sassafras. This delicious mix is Eau Claire’s first whisky canned cocktail, handcrafted for your enjoyment! Rupert’s Whisky Sassafras is everything you could imagine and more. With an enticing mix of whisky and a unique variety of botanicals, it’s not too

What makes Whisky, Whisk(e)y?

Let’s just start off by stating: All bourbon is whiskey, but not all whisky is bourbon. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s dive into what makes whisky, whisky and the difference between scotch, bourbon, rye, single malt and other whiskies and why you’ll see whisky spelled as whiskey sometimes. Both spellings of the word, whiskey

Four Festive Cocktails to try this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine's Day, it's time to turn your cocktail making skills up to a ten with a little help from your friends at Eau Claire Distillery. Impress your sweetie with these four delicious, simple to make cocktails using our Flourish Gin and Cherry Gin. Very Cherry Gin and Tonic Recipe Gin might not always be the answer, but this Valentine's

3 Cocktails You Need to Make this New Year’s Eve

With the Holidays just around the corner it is the perfect time to stock your bar cart for all your New Year's Eve needs! Whether you're a whisky lover, gin connoisseur or vodka aficionado we've got your cocktails covered! Golden Dram  Whisky? Check. Prosecco? Check. This cocktail is the best of both worlds. The slight toffee, butterscotch

Rummy-Doodle Cookie Recipe

It's official; there is snow on the ground, a chill in the air and holiday cheer all around. Winter is here and what better way to keep your house cozy and warm than with some delicious Snickerdoodles featuring Eau Claire Distillery's Gin Rummy!  These cookies are perfect for when you are in a hurry or craving a sugar cookie but want t

Eau Claire Distillery’s Gin and Tonic Refrigerator Pickles

It's That Season Harvest season is upon us, and with temperatures starting to dip down across the prairies, we’re ready to embrace our favourite fall traditions... like pickling! Refrigerator pickles are a quick and easy introduction to the world of pickling. While pickles might be a household name, there’s no shame in stepping this stapl

At-Home Cocktail Fun!

Fun At-Home Cocktail Ideas We love a good cocktail bar like the rest of you, but when it comes to enjoying your favourite libation at home, there are plenty of ways to make it fun and interesting. When you’re looking for a new way to enjoy cocktails with a small group of social animals at home, try one of these ideas and let us know what you t

The Eau Claire Distillery Guide to Gin Infusions

It’s Ginuary, which means that we will be celebrating one of our favourite craft spirits, gin, all month long! Dedicating a whole month to gin means that it’s the perfect time to play around with the many ways that you can include gin in your standby and experimental recipes. Plus, gin infusions are also a great way to use some of the lefto

Batch 003 of Eau Claire Single Malt Whisky Is Here!

Eau Claire's Third Batch of Single Malt Whisky is Here!  With huge anticipation, Eau Claire is pleased to release its’ third batch of Single Malt Whisky; a historic first for the province of Alberta! On November, 21st, 2019, Eau Claire's third batch of Single Malt Whisky will be formally released throughout Alberta at a select few liquor

Check off Your List: The Foothills Christmas Market Crawl

The Christmas season is upon us! Before you know it, the shops will be packed and the trees will be decorated. Cross every loved one’s gift off your list with the best of local artisans at the many Christmas markets in the Alberta foothills! Here’s our guide to the foothills Christmas Market Crawl!    Calgary Christmas Market - Calgar

A Trip Down the Cowboy Trail

Just south of Calgary, Eau Claire Distillery planted its roots in the historic town of Turner Valley. While many Calgarians often spend weekends in the city or exploring the Rocky Mountains, the foothills are filled with fun activities, interesting excursions and opportunities to learn more about the checkered history of the area! Here are 6 must-s

Eau Claire Favourites for National Negroni Week

  Originally created in Italy, the Negroni has become a mixologist’s staple thanks to the cocktail’s perfect balance of both bitter and sweet flavours. The time-tested cocktail is being celebrated this week and, as a well-known gin cocktail favourite, we knew it was time to divulge our top three Negroni recipes for you to try! The

Top 7 Caesars in Alberta

Every Canadian’s favourite drink holiday is here: National Caesar Day! With so many Caesars and so little time, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of Alberta’s best places to grab Canada’s unofficial National cocktail.   Calgary The Caesar’s birthplace is undoubtedly the first place anyone must stop to try the delicious, spic

Eau Claire Distillery Wins Gold in World Whiskies Awards

Eau Claire Distillery’s Single Malt Whisky Batch #002 was entered into the Canadian Single Malt category of the World Whiskies Awards in the beginning of 2019 and recently won Gold in the competition. The World Whiskies Awards is internationally renowned as the global awards competition that recognizes and promotes the world’s best whisk

Eau Claire spirits are now available in the United States!

  Eau Claire Distillery's award-winning Prickly Pear EquineOx and Parlour Gin may be purchased at Total Wine stores across California and Florida and at select locations in New York and Illinois. Illinois customers may also order online via BigFish Spirits. Both spirits boast accolades from San Francisco, New York Spirits, Berlin, SIP, 50 B

Batch 002 of Eau Claire Single Malt Whisky Is Here!

Alberta’s Second Single Malt Whisky Release With huge anticipation, Eau Claire is pleased to release its’ second batch of Single Malt Whisky; a historic first for the province of Alberta! On November 15th, 2018 at 11:00am Eau Claire's second batch of Single Malt Whisky will be formally released throughout Alberta at a select few liquor st

Parlour Gin Now Available at LCBO.com

Parlour Gin Now Available at LCBO.com Eau Claire Distillery is excited to announce that our world renowned Parlour Gin is now available in limited quantities in Ontario at lcbo.com! Parlour Gin, is an Alberta gin staple, and is one of the most 'decorated' craft Gins in Canada, having won over fourteen major (14) awards in just three years. It

Discovery Well to Distillery Tour

Experience Turner Valley! Eau Claire Distillery is excited to partner with the Turner Valley Gas Plant this summer to offer you a one of a kind tour experience! This unique tour combination showcases the historic town of Turner Valley and the rich and interesting history between the oil boom in 1914 and prohibition in 1916. The Discovery Well t

Interview with the Artist: Claire Markle

  1. Where were you born and raised? I was born in Blairmore, Alberta but spent the majority of my growing up in High River. How did you first get into art? I have always been a visual person but it wasn't until Grade 10 art class at Highwood High School that I genuinely started to realize that I loved it as well as had a t

Tales of the Cocktail 2017

Tales of the Cocktail 2017 - The Ultimate Mixer! 2017 was Eau Claire Distillery's first year at Tales of the Cocktail. Follow along as David Farran, President of Eau Claire Distillery, tells us about the adventure that is #TOTC. "If there is a sacred pilgrimage for mixologists and bartenders, Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans is it. Thousa

The Oxen Are Coming!

The Oxen Are Coming! The Eau Claire stable of draft horses and horse farming just got bigger. Welcome to Lion and Bright – two 1800 lb Oxen – who epitomize the expression “strong as an Ox”. They come to us via Nova Scotia, one of the last bastions of the Ox community, where they still raise, train and use Oxen for farm chores, pullin

Eau Claire Distillery Call for Artist Portfolios

Eau Claire Distillery Call for Artist Submissions! Alberta’s first single malt whisky distillery, Eau Claire Distillery is excited to announce a call for artist portfolios. Eau Claire Distillery is looking to commission a local Alberta artist to help with custom art development for special projects. This is an exciting opportunity for em

Afternoon G & Tea

Join Us for Afternoon G & Tea There is something so splendid about Afternoon Tea; a cake stand full of perfectly cut cucumber sandwiches and delicious scones with jam and clotted cream. Eau Claire Distillery has added a fun new flavour of sophistication to the traditional tea and added their own lineup of innovative teapot cocktails to the a

Seven Deadly Gins!

Experience Eau Claire Distillery's Seven Deadly Gins! Eau Claire Distillery recently launched their new summer 2017 cocktail and food menu which includes Tasting Room Manager, Chelsey Coulson's Seven Deadly Gins Menu. Here's how Chelsey created the concept behind such a sinfully delicious idea; "At Eau Claire we are known for our Award W

Be a Farmer for a Day!

Join Us Saturday, September 17th & Saturday, October 1st! [video width="450" height="338" mp4="http://eauclairedistillery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/ECD_Harvest30_Sec.mp4"][/video]   Come stook grain bundles with Eau Claire Distillery’s majestic Percheron horses harvesting barley at Bar U Ranch National Historic Site.

Threshing the Good Grain

Sunshine and generous spirits together at the Parks Canada Bar U Historic Ranch made for a remarkable annual celebration of harvest time. Volunteers, neighbours and friends helped with threshing organic grain all day using antique farm gear and cherished pitchforks. Young and old, farmers and farmers-for-a-day gathered to learn about true craft spi

The visitor experience – what to expect at the distillery

We have been welcoming tourists and locals alike to our newly built visitor centre for a while now, proving popular with Sunday drivers, tour groups and even a few celebrities! But what can one expect when you visit our distillery for a tour and tasting? The good folks at Calgary is Awesome recently paid us a visit and Kirran Bakhshi wrote abou

Local talent featured in Salt, Fresh & Field Outpost video

Check out Eau Claire Distillery’s own David Farran and good friends from Alberta Carriage Supply – KT Bailey and Dale Befus – as they are featured in this edition of Salt, Fresh & Field Outpost on YouTube. There are some choice quotes in there and provide a keen insight into why we do what we do. Salt, Fresh & Field Outpo

Testimonials a Testament to Our Inaugural Year

After the release of Three Point Vodka last summer, there was definitely a buzz in the air and we want to thank those retailers who were among the first to proudly show off Alberta’s first small batch craft spirit on their shelves. Leading into fall, we launched Parlour Gin winning critical acclaim, including a 91 point rating from The Globe and

Parlour Gin wins acclaim from the American Distilling Institute

Eau Claire Distillery: Alberta’s first craft distillery has been honoured at the 2015 Craft American Spirits Competition, receiving a Bronze Medal from the American Distilling Institute (ADI) for its Parlour Gin in the ‘Classic Distilled Gin’ category. The Turner Valley based distillery was the only Western Canadian brand recognized amo

Welcoming a Lovers’ Quarrel

Sparks flying on Valentine’s Day. This is the inspiration to create a cocktail to celebrate our first Valentine’s Day as Alberta’s first craft distillery. We looked North to the Head bartender Tyler Gushaty and the bar team at North 53. This bijoux Edmonton restaurant is known for its exceptional bar program. They were last month awarded

Living our ‘farm to glass’ mantra

In one generation, farming has moved from the horse to the tractor, an improvement in efficiency that has transformed world food production a thousand fold. But that transformation, and its wholesale adoption of modern methods, has left traditional horse farming in the proverbial dust. A means of farming that existed for hundreds of years, along w

Shaw TV enjoys a visit to the distillery

Our friends from Shaw TV stopped by for a tour of our distillery, a bit of tasting, and a quick trip out to the Bar U Ranch to check on the crop. Thanks for the visit. go! Calgary: “Nestled in the hamlet of Turner Valley is where you will find Alberta’s first independent craft distillery… where every aspect of production is from farm t

True Craft, Strong and Free

Craft Circles In any new and burgeoning industry, questions of definition arise. What exactly constitutes Craft Distilling and how does it differentiate itself from the spirits already established in the market? For us, craft is the embodiment of farm to glass. We believe that a handcrafted product should be lovingly executed in an artisanal

An idea was born

A Brainstorm As luck would have it, there are more crazy people in the world than just me. Opening Alberta’s first Craft Distillery, while regulations languished in prohibition era legislation, was an undertaking which required a collection of mad entrepreneurs – not just one! For a fleeting moment, the idea of an Alberta Craft Distillery m

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